Update for the Week of April 18-24

Hello everyone! Another week has gone by at Sunset Lodge and we remain COVID-19 free.  All of the staff and management at Sunset Lodge continue to work very hard to keep it this way and your help in cooperating and being so understanding regarding all the strict protocols that are in place have helped tremendously!  All of you, as part of our Sunset Lodge family, are doing a great job so THANK YOU!!

More people have been asking to look into windows of Sunset Lodge so they can see their loved ones.  Unfortunately, we have to say no to these requests. If these requests were only for one or two people it would be manageable. However, if everyone starts to do this then very quickly we start having groups gathering around and on the Lodge property, which, of course,  we can’t have if we are going to stay COVID free.  Please know that we do understand how frustrating and difficult this is for everyone, but we have come this far together and we have to maintain the protocols to the end so your loved ones can stay healthy.

Island Health has now directed that all staff that provide direct care to residents must wear masks as they do so, whether the resident has COVID symptoms or not.  I mention this because I don’t want anyone to be alarmed if a loved one tells you that staff are wearing masks-it does not mean anyone is necessarily ill.

Thomas will be sending out information to families about how to book Skype and/or phone calls with your loved ones.  I know that some calls have already taken place and it went well. Keep in mind that some residents may find Skype somewhat disturbing due to  their dementia so in those cases a phone call might be better.

The Sunset Lodge Chaplain, Scott, continues to come in on the weekends and visit with the residents individually.  Scott is also working on spiritual care plans for those residents who want to be involved in chapel services, bible studies, spiritual visits, or who prefer to  find their spirituality through nature or other avenues.

The Activity staff continue to visit with your loved ones each and every day and are making sure all the residents have at least one social connection per day.

Thank you to all of you who have sent in emails for our staff Thank You Board.  This board is located in the reception area so that staff can see it when they arrive and leave from work.

Please remain safe and healthy and remember that, together we will get through this!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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