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Dental Hygiene

Preventive care is clearly a good strategy for averting serious oral health problems. Many patients, especially the elderly, are not aware of the problems in their mouths.

Smiles at Home Mobile Dental Hygiene Services Inc. is made up of a small team of dental hygienists who specialize in mobile dental hygiene services for seniors. With their mobile dental equipment and Long Term Care License, the hygienists of Smiles at Home are able to provide bedside dental hygiene treatment for residents who cannot obtain access to traditional office settings.

Irene Sosath is the owner of Smiles at Home. Irene holds Bachelor’s degree from UBC in dental hygiene and has completed the University of Washington’s Program of Dental Education in Care of persons with Disabilities (DECOD). Irene has spent over 16 years working to provide dental health care. Smiles at Home staff are all licensed to work in the residential care setting and have over 20 years of experience providing dental hygiene care.


Dental Exams and Treatment

One of the most neglected areas of patient care is that of daily oral care. Dr. Z. Nathoo is a dentist that specializes in mobile dentistry for seniors, including those with mental and physical challenges. He can provide most dental services right on-site through the use of equipment especially designed for mobile use. Even residents who are unable to leave their beds can be assessed and treated.

**This is an optional service with an additional cost**