We know that you may have questions about placing your loved one in our care. Below are some of the questions we hear most frequently.

If you have a question and have not been able to find an answer on this website, please let us know by filling out the Contact Form here

How can you be sure my loved one is getting the right nutrition?
Our Registered Dietitian works with our Food Service staff to approve all our menu’s and checks in with the care staff and residents regularly to ensure that your loved one is getting the nutrition they need. She also works closely with our care staff and dietary staff so that changes in eating habits and weight, even dental care are tracked and discussed regularly to ensure that everyone has the most up to date information.

How is my loved one’s hygiene cared for?
Professional nursing staff and care aides are on hand to assist each resident with their bathing and hygiene needs. The level of assistance offered to each resident is based on the individual’s level of independence and the amount of assistance needed or requested. Showers and baths are offered weekly according to a regular schedule, however residents can request to bathe at another time if there is an issue.

Are cable and phone services included in the rent?
All rooms are equipped with a basic digital cable box and outlet. Residents who use the cable outlet and a digital box are charged for cable service and billed monthly. Should a resident wish to order additional cable services, such as more channels or High Definition, then the resident or family member can arrange this and have an account setup in their own name. Any additional services or equipment then becomes the responsibility of the account holder​.

A telephone is located in the 1st and 2nd floor lobby for outgoing calls only. To arrange for a private telephone to be installed in your room, you or your family must contact Telus/Shaw directly. All telephone costs will be billed directly to you by Telus or Shaw, at the current rates.

Can you provide a Doctor for our loved one?
Upon admission, your loved ones current physician will be contacted to see if they will continue to provide care for them within the facility. If they decline, or if your loved one does not have a physician, we will connect them with one of our partnering doctors who will tend to their care during their stay at Sunset Lodge.

I feel my loved one would benefit from additional care. Are you able to provide that?
Although our facility has a full complement of nursing and care staff, some families chose to hire a paid companion or private caregiver in addition to the care staff we provide. Paid companions spend time with your loved one chatting, maybe taking them on an outing depending on need, mobility and physician directives. Private caregivers are able to provide personal care to your loved one. Sunset Lodge adheres to the “Companion Service in Residential Care” policy and procedure of Island Health.​

Are visitors allowed?
Yes visitors are welcome

Can my loved one bring their pet with them?
Unfortunately pets cannot live at Sunset Lodge, but if your loved one is an animal lover, we encourage you to bring your animal for a visit, or let our activity staff know and they will ensure that we have one of our pet therapy volunteers drop by to visit them.

Can we eat meals with our loved one?
Meal times are posted by the dining rooms. In addition, refreshments are served at 10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m.  Should a friend or family member wish to join a resident at mealtime, arrangements can be made with the receptionist at the front desk during office hours or until 2:30 p.m. on weekends. There is a charge for lunch or supper, which can be charged to the Resident Trust Account.

I have a complaint or concern about my loved one. What should I do?
We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care. This includes receiving feedback and responding to complaints. If you have comments about the care you are receiving, on what we have done well and what we need to improve, please let us know. Complaints or concerns can be logged using the Compliments, Suggestions and Concerns Form located on each floor next to the Suggestion Box. Completed forms can be placed in the Suggestion Box. Complaints and concerns can also be made verbally, by email or in writing. All formal complaints will be responded to in writing within 10 days of receipt.

I think Sunset Lodge would be a great fit for my loved one. What do I do next?
If you or your loved one is considering becoming a resident at Sunset Lodge, you will first need to contact the Vancouver Island Health Authority to arrange for a community case manager to work with you.

While you work through this process we would be pleased to arrange for a tour of our facility. This will help you determine if Sunset Lodge is the best fit for you or your family member, so come prepared with any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact the Social Worker to book a time that is convenient.

When you are informed that a bed has come available at Sunset Lodge for you or your loved one, the Social Worker will contact you to guide you through the admission process. During the initial admission period the staff at Sunset Lodge will do a thorough assessment with regards to diet, finance, medication, nursing and recreational support along with any special needs or requirements.

Am I able to join my loved one for an activity on the calendar?
This is your loved ones home, and families are always welcome and encouraged to participate in any and all activities in the building. No need to sign up just please come and join us. The only time we ask for confirmation is for our Christmas Dinner which you’ll receive information about prior to the event.